Team Spirit Welcomes You... Let the Divine Spirit in!


Jesus’s Time Is At Hand

The corona virus is a wake up call. Jesus’s time is at hand. Are you ready to receive your birth right? Will you open your mind to a new perspective of how important Jesus is to all of humanity. This is not about religion but about your decision to make Jesus alive in you.


Be Free of Disease

Change the way you view disease and be free from its grip once and for all. Complete healing can be yours!


We have heard saying such as “experience is the best teacher” and “experiences equals wisdom.” I am a big advocate of experiential learning because it evokes more than just the cognitive functions of the right...

Pain and Suffering 0

Pain and Suffering

It is hard to be in yourself or watch people in the midst of pain and suffering. When we are in it, we so desperately want someone to help us. When we witness it....


I Have A Dream

I have a dream that religion, science and the metaphysical could all come together under the same umbrella of Divine Love for the betterment of all. Just think how humanity would benefit if each...