Marriage & Spiritual Growth

Marriage is the most spiritual of all human relationships. Had I even had an inkling of the higher spiritual purpose of marriage during the first half of my 30 years with my hubby, it would have saved us a lot of pain and suffering.   It has been a miracle we have made it 30 years! There have been many highs such as having 4 wonderful kids and many great times with family and friends. However, those lows in the first half of our marriage almost did us in. We fell into the trap of trying to live the “ideal life” get married, have kids, smile, keep it together and play our roles according to the unhealthy beliefs we lived by. We lost ourselves to work and kids, became complacent, just going through the motions, so life became stagnant. The result was unhappiness, but blaming the other and poor decisions of disrespect, control and passive aggressive behavior. Although we tried to keep it together on the outside and ignore our poor relationship, our young kids picked up on the unloving energy and were negatively affected.

Marriage is tough and everyone know that each marriage has their struggles.  You never know what someone is going through unless you are walking in their shoes. From the outside we may have looked like the all American family but that was not so. However, if we can step out of complacency, take personal responsibility for our lives and our marriage and lift it out of the deep pit, anyone can. I can tell you our marriage was on its way to divorce court but by the grace of God and a willingness to start growing and changing individually and as a couple we started the healing process. I see so many people living in unhappy and unfulfilling marriages. Just like us, they failed to see the real spiritual purpose of marriage,  Looking back I wish I would have understood that the marriage relationship is supposed to challenge you by pushing each toward personal growth. Marriage is a continual work in discovery and evolution of 2 souls assisting each other to find their way back to their individual truths. Marriage is a spiritual agreement between soul mates.  A soul mate in the worldly sense is a perfect match where the relationship flows easily with an unbreakable connection. A real soul mate won’t let you settle for less than what you were meant to be. A real soul mate is a partner in growth and evolution. A real soul mate sometimes doesn’t look like one at all until you begin to look at your marriage from a spiritual perspective.

That spouse you are complaining about and staying with to save face or because of the kids is your soul mate. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. It is time to see that partner who gets on your last nerve as a gift from God. They are there to awaken you to something more within yourself. As you become aware of how they are subconsciously calling you forth, you are faced with the choice. Are you going to grow and evolve or are you going to one day call it quits? What I found in my own relationship is, when I started connecting back to my truth and growing through experience, my husband started changing for the better on his own. He wasn’t even making an effort to change but rather changed because I was re-teaching him how to treat me.  You see we attract the people and circumstances into our lives because of our energy frequency. As my frequency rose through inner healing, his had to also rise or be repelled away. I am so thankful God recognized my soul mate when I didn’t! Our marriage isn’t perfect but we are ok with that because it allows us to keep growing and awakening more and more to the Divine nature within. When you put in the work, you reap the rewards. Don’t be afraid of change, it is the catalyst which leads to living rather than existing! Change, grow and evolve into Love

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