A Pet’s Purpose

Our pets are so much more than just a pet. They are sent on Divine missions as a delegates, to serve, teach and help us remember who we really are.

God looked at His domestic animal kingdom and said, “There is a woman who will soon be looking for a puppy to raise with her 4 children, but what she is unaware of is that I will be sending the puppy to her.  Is there anyone who would be willing to return to Earth to be her delegate?” One of the animal spirits spoke up, ” I will go, for I have known this woman before when she was jus a teen.”  God replied, “Thank you my servant, you will be named Buck. This assignment will be much different and harder than way back then. For this woman has lost herself and forgotten her Divine nature. Therefore her soul and I will be calling her forth. She will be going through much transformation and soul purification during your time with her. You will be with her in her darkest hour feeling and taking on her emotions of anger, fear, loneliness and despair. I will gift you with a sixth sense so you may know how to best serve her and to help keep her mind, body and soul in balance. You will be intimately connected spirits with a special bond like no other. Buck, you will be reflecting my unconditional love to her. Everyone who meets you will recognize My Majestic Presence in you, as will she. It is with your help that she will begin to understand the depths of MY care and love for her. One day she will understand that your majesty was a reflection of her own majesty.”

God continued…”Buck I will reward you with a long life and a loving family to care for you. You will serve her for 14 years and leave a lasting impression on many lives for going above and beyond your delegate duties. You will be a comforter in death and heartbreak, a giver of playful joy and love without limits. You will listen without judgement, teach through example, protect with courage and be the calm in a storm. Buck you will save a soul, save a life and be a source of strength for a mother giving birth. You will have a life well lived, a true reflection of My sacrificial love. Thank you for serving my children”

Until we meet again Buck, you are so loved and missed!


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