It’s Revival Time Church, Evolve & Elevate Up to Where God Is

There is this sense of urgency in the air for a revival among God’s people. God has been pressing the words, personal responsibility, elevation and evolution on those who have ears to hear. It is time for the church body to get up where God is. The church body, as a whole, is stagnant and resistant to evolution. For too long God’s people have let the church serve as the middle man to God and his teachings. God’s people have relied solely on man for their teaching, instructing and interpretation of the word. As a result, God has been placed in a box of limited understanding and close-minded belief. In some regards, the church body has become like the Pharisees of Jesus’s day. Any teachings that do not fall in line with their beliefs they label wrong or works of the Devil.
The church is hurting, less people are attending church than ever before. You can pass that off as works of the Devil. However, I believe it is a sign from God that it is time for a revival. It is our personal responsibility as a believer to start with ourselves. If an unbeliever is looking at the church body, he/she doesn’t see much difference between himself/herself and the believer. Why attend church? Why follow Jesus? Believers are still afflicted with disease and illness, they are still gossiping, lying, cheating etc. just like others in this world. What’s the point in being a believer? Salvation, yes. However, I would rather stand before God in ignorance of Him and His teachings than stand before Him as a believer who became stagnant and closed off from all of God’s glory as the Pharisees were because I wasn’t willing to spiritually stretch.

Look at what Jesus says the believers are capable of doing in John 14:2 “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” I don’t doubt that many of you are doing the works of Jesus, feeding the hungry, ministering to the sick and downtrodden, praying and interceding for others in times of need and supporting the single parents. Why are we satisfied with doing only works that are easy and don’t require us to stretch our faith and beliefs. The Word says, we can heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, cast out demons and raise the dead. Wow, just think if the people of God would be willing to step into the truth and follow the call of God. There would be a revival over the whole earth. The chosen would be doing greater works than Jesus, setting themselves apart and drawing in the multitude of non-believers! I know you believe, but why isn’t this happening in our midst regularly and already?

The revival starts with you!
Helen Franklin used this analogy to help us understand what God is saying. She explains “God has been calling us out into the deep, where the full tide flows. People of God are satisfied with staying in ankle deep water where they can splash, make a commotion and feel comfortable and safe, like a toddler on the edge of the water. You can’t swim there. Even if you wade up to your knees and waist, you are still able to touch, relying on yourself and man. When the teaching is over your head you close it off, discount it, or claim it is a false teaching. It is only when you venture out into the deep where full tide flows and the teaching is over your head, here is where your reliance is solely on God for understanding. Here is where you receive revelations. In the deep you begin to evolve and elevate. God wants an intimate experiential relationship with you. One where He is your teacher, guide and confidant raising you up to where He is.

Your willingness to invest in a personal relationship with God. As in all relationships it is going to take time and effort to establish intimacy. You mustn’t be lazy in spirit or be unwilling to be put to the test. A personal relationship with God takes courage. You must be willing to go into the deep, into unknown territory and into surrender. Your growth zone is outside your comfort zone. It is your personal responsibility to put on the “New Man” so you can step into your Divine destiny.
Today I encourage you to open that box that you have confined God to and let the fullness of God reveal himself to you. Take off your blinders and open your spiritual eyes and mind to new ways of the Lord. Walk out into the deep where the full tide flows. Let the Teacher, your heavenly Father revive, evolve and elevate you up where He is, so that He can be made manifest through you. As your “New Man” emerges the scriptures will be fulfilled through you. John 14:13 Jesus says, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” Raise up church!


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