Get ready for a transformative journey that surpasses religion and ordinary belief patterns. This uplifting and inspiring guide is designed to facilitate a personal relationship with the Divine. The straight forward lessons, tools, guidance and personal stories will captivate and encourage the reader to seek more out of life. A life filled with joy, passion, wonder, peace and unconditional love. Applying the easy and powerful tools here in, will spring you forward into a whole new spiritual awareness where life begins to unfold miraculously and effortlessly.

Let Spiritual Springboard propel you into God’s loving light and presence. He wants to show you He is real!

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Here is what some readers are saying about Spiritual Springboard:

“A must have to any collections of spiritual reads!! Thank you, Pam for such an inspiring book. I loved the short stories but most of all the real steps and actions to apply to move closer in Spirit with God. Beautiful book!!!” Amazon Customer

“Incredible message, thoughtful and well written, life changing”. Annette Shores

 “Well written with personal relatable stories that illustrate how to connect the dots for a more fulfilling spiritual life. Great book! I really loved the personal stories. It seemed while reading it that telling the stories was cathartic to the author and that made everything she spoke about very relatable to her. She seemed someone just like me and not a research author that was writing a book but having never really experienced what she was writing about. She offers some very realistic steps and exercises for improving your spiritual connection to God while working on your own self-awareness. It seemed very different from a typical self-help book than sometimes spend the whole book identifying the problem without offering realistic steps to improvement. It was an easy read that was very well written. Intelligent but not overly theoretical. I really enjoyed it.” Redmond

“This was an incredible read that I had a hard time putting down! I absolutely loved the book! Whether you are inquisitive to whom Jesus is or have walked with Him for a very long time, this book is a good fit for all on their spiritual journey. I appreciate the insight you have, Pam to help me understand all the scriptures you used more!” Amazon Customer

“What a wonderful book! Thank-you Pam Evischi. I plan to read it again and give it as gifts. Made me feel closer to God and more hopeful. Loved it!” Sheila Richardson

“This book came at just the right time. I spent my whole day reading it because I couldn’t put it down. I have experienced many struggles my last few years, and this book has not only equipped me with the skills to “springboard spiritually” but also the desire to do it. It is written with such honesty and heartfelt sincerity. She also explained complicated concepts, that I’ve always had trouble fully understanding, with enough simplicity that I could totally grasp them. Thank you for being a messenger.” Becky S