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Is Devil Consciousness Hindering Your Life? 0

Is Devil Consciousness Hindering Your Life?

A devil consciousness binds and holds one captive. It gives your power away to evil forces. Jesus already defeated Satan. Let Jesus be the source of you faith and give Him the power. His example showed us how to deal with the devil. Follow in Jesus’s footsteps and raise your consciousness up to where God is.


Are You Ready To Rest?

When something is finished, there is peace and rest in the completion. When the runner crosses the finish line, she stops running and catches her breath. When the oven timer goes off, the cake...


Doubt Dissipated, Spirit Awakened

Many people are asleep to the Spiritual Realm surrounding them and eager to assist them daily. Others may be blocking spiritual guidance and help in their lives because of doubt and lack of faith. Read on to discover how to let Spirit into you life so they can bless you in small and large ways.


It’s Revival Time Church, Evolve & Elevate Up to Where God Is

There is an urgency for the church to evolve. As individual believers, we have become stagnant and too reliant on the church to serve as our God spot. God wants a personal relationship with each of us so that He can be the teacher. He knows that each of us are an unique expression, needing individualized teaching that is geared specifically to each one of us. He wants His people to stand out like a beacon into the world. Our complacency and limited beliefs surrounding God are hindering us from doing so. He is calling us into the deep, where complete reliance is on Him. Get in over your head so you can experience the fullness of God. There He will revive, elevate and evolve you into your Divine destiny.


A Pet’s Purpose

Our pets are so much more than just a pet. They are sent on Divine missions as delegates to serve, teach, and help us remember who we really are. God looked at His domestic...


Faith Development=Peace

Faith is one of those things that seems to be elusive to most people. Even the most devoted Christian’s faith wavers at times, especially during the challenging times of life. Remember Peter; he was...