Possibility In The Midst Of Divorce

When we marry we take vows to love, honor and cherish our partner until death do us part. One could look at the divorce rate and think that there are a whole lot of people breaking and taking their marriage vows lightly. However is it possible to keep your vows even under the circumstances of divorce? What would happen if the divorcees would come into agreement to keep their vows? What?! I am not asking if you still love them or even like your ex. However, could you still not find some love in your heart for the person you used to be in love with, the one who has in some way invested time and love in you? Could you not still cherish them for all the new things they introduced into your life, new friends, family, children and experiences? Could you not honor them for being one of your greatest teachers, exposing your strengths and weaknesses? What a transformation that would bring to your life and the lives of the children affected by divorce if even in divorce the marriage vows were kept. Yeah, I don’t know what happened or how you have been wronged. In the end it is just a “story” about what happened. You have the power to change the “story” by honoring your marriage vows. Simply create a new possibility for how divorce is going to look in your life. What would happen if you committed to supporting your ex in having a happy, fulfilling and extraordinary life? Have the courage for yourself, your ex, your kids, your family and your friends to honor your vows even in divorce, it will make a world of difference!

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