Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Harness The Energy!

Don’t ask, don’t tell because when you ask and tell, you inadvertently get in God’s way of the things He wants to do in your life. When you ask others for their opinion or tell them about what God has placed on your heart, you look outside yourself for answers. You may think there is nothing wrong with asking and sharing with others. Consider for a moment; every thought releases energy, and energy attracts like energy. When you begin asking others for their opinion, if it is out of alignment with what your intuition tells you to do, you are allowing negative energy to interfere with your Truth. Not only will the collective consciousness affect the outcome, but it will also cause you to begin to doubt yourself and your intuition. Whether it is the doubt of the collective or the doubt within yourself, each energetically hinders what God can do because He operates in alignment with universal laws.

Likewise, if you begin sharing too much information with others about what God is placing on your heart, energy dissipates. We have all seen this happen when someone is very passionate about something, and others begin nay-saying or pulling them down with thoughts, words, and actions. We must remember to be guarded about the business of God. We need to be mindful of harnessing the energy, which we will need to carry out what he has placed on our hearts. Harnessing the energy keeps doubt from creeping in and getting in God’s way.

So, don’t ask, don’t tell should be a lifelong mantra. We have all knowledge within ourselves, and each individual is a unique expression of their Truth. Others can’t and shouldn’t tell you what to do because they do not walk in your unique essence. Look what God says, “I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 If God has the plans and the promise, why on earth should we ever ask or tell? Why would we ever allow the energy of doubt to hinder our lives and God?
I can’t express the importance of this understanding. It is a game-changer for getting out of your own way, God’s way.

Jesus understood the importance of living within the parameters of energetic universal laws. We can look to him as an example. When it is placed on his heart to feed the 5000, he simply tells them to sit down. He doesn’t tell them he is going to feed them. He doesn’t ask the disciples if there is enough food, and he doesn’t make a big deal about praying over the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish they have. Jesus harnesses the energy to perform the miracle because he kept God’s plans to himself. He directs the disciples in what to do instead of asking for their opinion. He realizes if he had told the 5000, he would feed them with 5 loaves and 2 fish, the collective consciousness of the people’s’ doubt would have gotten in the way of God’s miracle. If you look at the many miracles Jesus performed, he never asks nor never tells what he is about to do. He energetically held the space with the intention which was placed on his heart and confidently stepped in the direction of God’s voice within himself.

When we begin to follow Jesus’s example, we get out-of-the-way and open ourselves up to the many miracles God wants to bestow on us. Follow the call of your soul. It will lead you to your Truth. There is no need to ask or tell, be still, and know God is within you too!!

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