Group Prayer Call-in

Spiritual Springboard has call-in Group Prayer every Thursday evening! This is an opportunity to gather together in prayer and share in God’s Love through the blessing of technology!

Every Thursday night at 5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST, call into the number below and we will pray together- for ourselves, others, worldly issues, etc.- whatever is needed. It is like a mini-prayer circle on the phone. Prayer transforms, changes, uplifts, and brightens ALL things! Prayer is our most powerful tool to manifest change in our lives and the world and it awakens Love in our soul and strengthens our Divine Connection with God and each other. If you ever desire prayer, please call into the number below (this is a free service!) on Thursday nights- remember there is nothing too big or small for God to bless, so let’s give Him an opportunity to do what He does best and BLESS US! Another insight to share about prayer is that when we pray for others, especially people we do not know, this will not only align our soul with Universal Laws, but it “stores” the prayer for our life as well. To God we are one unit, so when we pray for others, our prayers go into “storage space.” For example, if we pray for someone who needs physical healing, but we don’t need physical healing right now but may need it later, the light of our stored prayers enters us immediately and allows healing to take place when needed! God is good friends! Look forward to lifting up your prayerful requests to our Heavenly Father with you!

If you have any questions please email us at Stay bright and God bless you!

Call-in information:

Prayer Line: