God’s Calling You Out of the Pit

Do you feel like you are in a pit, where everything seem to be going wrong for you? Do you feel like you are having the life sucked out of you with one problem after another? Are you nearing the breaking point? Great! Awesome! Fantastic! This is the most transformative place to be in. I am excited to see how God uses this time to awaken you to His supernatural way of life, that is, if you let Him. Many fail to recognize that any discord in their life is actually God prompting them to grow and transform. So what happens instead, is the fight or flight defense mechanism kicks in. They either fight to fix, control or medicate the discord or they run from it through blame, victimization, justification or avoidance. Succumbing to the defense mechanism only keeps one in the pit of stagnation, stress and misery.

How to Get Out of the Pit!

Open your mind up to the possibility that God is calling you forth out of the pit. He is calling you to heal, change and grow. Shifting you away from the ways of being and patterns of behavior and beliefs that have gotten you into your current mess, are no longer serving your highest good and are holding you back from a miraculous and joyful life. Today begin to shift your perspective concerning the discord in your life. What are the problems with your health, in the relationship, at work, in finances, with family and friends trying to get you to see? Enlist the help of someone who has already “been through it” to support and encourage you to the next best version of yourself. As you begin to look with new eyes and surrender the discord to a higher power, your shift will begin. I promise you that when the clouds lift, you will be renewed in body,mind and spirit. So excited for you! God’s going to pick you up out of the pit and set you high on a mountain top.😊

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