God’s Letter To You

On two consecutive nights God came to me in a dream.  He first asked me to write a letter for Him as a reminder and encouragement to His children.  In the second dream I recall telling Him that I had no business writing a letter for Him.  He told me that He would tell me what to write and then proceeded to do just that.  “God’s Letter To You” comes directly from Him.  I am honored to be the messenger for this wonderful letter.  I hope it makes a difference in your life. Pam Evischi

My Dearest Child,

You are perfectly and wonderfully made.  Yes you, the one who is reading this.  I knew you before you were born and set you apart from all others to be here at this exact time.  I have equipped you with everything you need to fulfill the purpose for your time here.  You have been graced with unique talents and capabilities that only you possess.  I am in you, as you are a spark off of my divine flame.  Everything you need is right inside you.  Nothing is impossible.  I am the God of miracles.

Do not be afraid, for I am with you always, in the highest of highs and the deepest of deeps.  When you are weak, I am strong.  Lean on me for understanding, knock and the door shall be opened for you.  Ask and you shall receive.  Right now the divine plan is playing out in your life.  Have the faith of a mustard seed, knowing that all things work together for your highest good.  I have the plan for your life.  I hold you in my hands.  Stop with the worry and fearful thinking!  For these occupy the minds of those who are asleep.  Wake up and place your trust in me.   I will fulfill all your needs and the desires of your heart.

Begin today to accept my favor.  Let the love, peace and joy that I have placed within you pour out in your mind, words and actions.  Cast your burdens upon me and lighten your step. Be my partner in the divine dance of life.  Let go of the need to control.   I will guide you and lead you into a life more magnificent than you could ever imagine.  Place your eyes and heart on me, enter the divine and loving flow of your birthright.  You are a child of the Most High, step into your destiny!

With my unconditional love for you always,

Your Father, God



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