God’s Love Signs

Have you ever wondered how to know if God real? I believe this photo answers that. While on the beach a comparison to God and the waves came to mind. I felt to take a picture of the waves to go with the words that were coming. This imaged appeared in the photo. It wasn’t visible to my eye as I took the photo but wow! A sign, an angel, you decide.  Next came the following words: Rest in my eternal presence. Just as the oceans ebb and flow so to, I continually send out my love to you. The depth of my love for you has no boundaries. You may feel it as a calming presence or a crashing wave upon your being. Either way it has no end. and is a powerful force that is always present. In the quiet and in the noise of life, my love for you does not waver. Nothing and no thing can separate you from me. My love for you is unconditional and eternal, in constant measure. What a message! It is often so easy to forget that God wants to be a part of our daily lives. The business and stresses of life can override our keen senses making us miss all the ways that God is trying to communicate with us on a daily basis. When we are able to be still enough to feel the nudge or look beyond what is going on in the natural, there is where we begin to notice God.  He has been there and will be there always,  He is directing, encouraging, comforting, loving and just letting us know he is with us. You have a supernatural partner in life!

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