I Have A Dream

I have a dream that religion, science, and the metaphysical could all come together under the same umbrella of Divine Love for the betterment of all. Just think how humanity would benefit if each of these systems of belief opened their minds to the possibility of finding value in the others. Fear and arrogance have kept many bound by their belief systems. Fear in the unknown of the other has created false judgments. An arrogance of my way is the best or only way, has created attachment and separation from the truth. The fact all of these beliefs are rooted in the same Divine creative energy. They have more similarities than differences. They each have so much value. Best of all, they each fill the shortcomings of the other. What a wonderful partnership these 3 belief systems would make and oh the benefit to all. I have a dream where a patient has all the modern technology available to them to relieve their symptoms, a metaphysical healer to identify the source of their illness, and a prayer team to speed the healing of both. I have a dream where churches hold healing rooms and teach people metaphysical tools such as meditation and yoga to master the carnal mind, thereby connecting more intimately to God. I have a dream where all metaphysical practitioners begin to incorporate prayer and the connection to God into their work and look to the church to fulfill their needs of spiritual community. My dream can be a reality if you loosen the reins on your current belief system and experience another’s belief system for yourself. Fear and judgment are the only things holding you back from experiencing all the Divine Source have in-store for you.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is made of all our contributors who's focus is consistent with Spiritual Springboard's mission. We are all on our own spiritual journey, still seeking and learning. We are excited to guide, teach, encourage, support, love and offer services to others who have committed to seeking spiritual awareness.

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