It’s Raining Lemons!

Everyone has heard the saying “when life gives your lemons, make lemonade.”  That would be easy if the solution came in a pre-mixed can. Unfortunately it isn’t always a simple life application.  In order to make lemonade out of the lemons of life you have to know the recipe. Thankfully we can find what we need in life’s recipe box:
Ingredients:  Lemons, Sugar & Water
Instructions: Begin with the lemons which are easily attained in the form of hardships, frustrations, broken hearts and failures. These
lemons usually come about as external triggers that are reflecting subconscious belief patterns that are no longer serving our highest good. Any lemon in life is there to teach and transform.  On the surface, it just looks like a lemon when it appears. Once you begin to squeeze and look inside and behind the lemon you are facing, you will come into the awareness of why it has shown up in your life. As an example, I often found myself angry and frustrated(my triggers)when authority figures abused their power. Upon reflection and really squeezing the lemon I became aware that I had allowed authority figures to stifle my voice and that I was afraid of my own power. It was my experience that showing power meant hurting others. Therefore my subconscious made sure that I didn’t use my power so externally people pleasing was what I reflected. This
created all kinds of unfavorable lemons in my life especially in relationships. In order to break the subconscious belief I created around power required me to really examine the lemons in my life to bring awareness.

Next add sugar to the sour lemon juice that was just released.  Sugar comes in the form of acceptance and affirmations. In order to change the programming of the subconscious we must accept what is there.  If we resist or pretend that it doesn’t matter the belief patterns will persist.  Acceptance is the prerequisite for change. Now add some affirmations to align with the new possibility you can envision for yourself. Mine is as follows, “I am powerful and free to express myself fully and authentically.” Affirmations have the power to generate new and positive belief patterns into the subconscious making that which was once sour, sweet.

Lastly, add water.  Water is the greatest solvent of particles, Jesus is the greatest solvent of life’s trials and tribulations. He is the “living water” who helps us wash away those subconscious beliefs that we have carried around our entire lives. We can’t overcome the subconscious habits on our own. We need assistance. When we pour him in, He aids and heals the subconscious, the heart, the soul, life!



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