Taking Personal Responsibility for the Empowerment of Women

The pendulum has begun to swing towards women’s favor. However, will we as women take personal responsibility for the empowerment of our gender? Thanks to Oprah and the Me Too movement a new sense of strength has been spurred within women. It is an exciting time to be a woman. Whoa though, this really isn’t a fight between women and men or the establishment but rather a woman’s disease that we face. A disease of giving our power away. Many of us have given our power away for so long that we have created a problem for ourselves. Did you know that women drive 85% of all consumer purchases? Are we spending our money to promote the respect of our gender? Fifty Shades of Grey sold over 1 million books, Fifty Shades the movie was one of the highest grossing movies of all time and the Bachelor has one of the highest ratings on TV. Unfortunately, we are the largest consumers of these products which demean and disrespect us. Worse yet, we brush it off as entertaining while our daughters and other young females fall under the spell of the woman’s disease. These little habitual patterns of behavior, through choice, that we do everyday, gradually steal away our power. These ever so sneaky habits are the real enemies of our souls.

Times up ladies, we have to take some personal responsibility for the current state of the women’s condition. The healing has to starts from within. Lasting respect can’t be demanded but only comes when we individually respect ourselves and other women through our everyday choices at home, in the work place and through our pocket-book. It starts with you! Muster up the courage to heal. Use your voice and speak up, make choices that are only for your highest good and the good of all women. Honor and respect yourself and other women! Support each other instead of judge and gossip. As each of us heal individually, the collective female consciousness heals also. This healing brings in a new level of worldly respect for all of us. Yes, there will still be scoundrels out there but there will no longer call ourselves victims!

Lastly remember, men are the yang to our yin, our counter balance to help us live in harmony. They are an equal to respectfully and lovingly walk beside. Man is the head and women are the neck. Where the neck turns the head follows. What influence we have as women! Now go be that powerful woman!

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