The Best You

God wired each of us with the need to be in relationship with others. He recognizes that relationship with others is an important part to our spiritual development. There are many kinds of relationships that we all are a part of, but the one most desired is the romantic relationship. In our minds we all have the vision of what the “perfect romantic partner” should look and act like.  Many are still holding out and looking for that perfect partner while others find themselves dissatisfied with their current romantic partner.  Romantic relationships are a gift from God to bring intimate companionship to our lives and they also serve as one of our greatest teachers.  How can a loving gift from God bring so much frustration and disappointment? The answer lies in the following question: Are you being the best you?

It is human nature to look to find fault, harshly judge, and critique others short comings.  Doing so allows us to easily blame others for the problems in our relationships.  In reality, it is up to each individual to look inward to see where they are falling short of being the best of themselves. Until you be the best you, God cannot bring the best  partner or heal your current relationship. Are your thoughts of your partner mostly loving and caring or resentful and hateful?  What words and tone of voice are you using when speaking to them? What kind of actions and attitudes are you displaying in your relationship? When you begin to honestly answer these questions, you will find that your partner is not the only one to blame in the relationship.  You need to change so that God can begin bring about change in your partner. You are standing in the way of what you and God most desire, a loving, supporting, respectful mate who allows you complete expression of your truest self.  One who is willing to grow both individually and collectively.

Making these changes is quite challenging especially when there are past hurts and resentment.  You will have to rely on God’s grace to help you forgive, because you can’t do it on your own.  You must begin by putting the past behind, what is done is done, What you have been doing in the past has gotten you to the place you are today in your relationship. Start fresh with a new attitude of faith, knowing God will work everything out for your highest good.  If you do your part by becoming the best of you and hold the space for your partner to grow into, God can begin to work miracles. When you hold them in low regard, energetically they will match the space you are holding for them. When you choose loving thoughts, words, and actions even during challenging times, you are raising the consciousness in the relationship on an energetic level. God’s natural law of energy is ‘like’ energies attract like energies and opposite energies repel against each other. As you raise the energy, your partner will either rise up to match it by making positive changes or they will have to move away from your space. If they are God’s will for your life, they will transform before your very eyes.  If they are not, He will move them out of your space so He can bring the “best” partner into your life. God wants us all to have a loving, supportive, fun, and respectful romantic relationship with our partner. It all begins with you. Be the change you wish to see!

Pam Evischi

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