Today Is The Day To Break Free!

As you look back on the past year notice what circumstances and people you have allowed to hold you in the bondage of unhappiness, stress, drama … and how it has taken away your peace and joy. Notice too, where your mind and your choices are holding you in a place of complacency; settling for less than what you want because of fear of change or unworthiness. Notice what patterns of behavior you are repeating time after time which keep creating the same results over and over. See all the ways that you have given away your power and life by being a victim to what is happening around you.
What a perfect day to decide that you are done with the old, limiting patterns, thoughts and behaviors. Move forward into the New Year in great expectation of what lies ahead for you. You are in control of your life. Take responsibility for your life and step out with a clean slate by refusing to take part in the things that are keeping you in bondage and stealing your joy. Break free and step into a New Year being thankful for the lessons of the past and taking that knowledge to create the life you desire. You are worthy of a miraculous and joyous life of living in the divine flow….
Step into your birth right and make 2016 the year of your dreams!

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