head shotHi my name is Pam Evischi, for way to many years I lived an unaware life. I had conformed to what society, religion and my upbringing shaped me to believe about myself and my actions followed suit. My focus was on being “good” and doing what was “right” to please others and God, at the expense of living my truth.  By the time I was in my thirties, my soul had finally had enough of myself deception and set in motion my awakening through a “dark night of my soul.”  What followed was an awareness of a whole new spiritual world where Divine belief was replaced with Divine experience.  I am passionate about sharing the tools that helped me develop a personal relationship with God so everyone can experience Him in their daily lives also. I write to encourage and inspire others to awaken to the Divine within through personal transformation and soul evolution. I am an author, minister, motivational speaker, reiki healer, wife, mother of four and most importantly, a worker for the “Big Guy”.

My commitment is to hold the space to Awaken the spirit within, through prayer and love to experience the Fullness of Life.  

No matter where you are on your path in knowing the Divine, Spiritual Springboard provide prayers, transformational techniques, and services to strengthen your faith and attune your connection with Infinite Love.