the undoing of our false experiences

We have heard sayings such as “experience is the best teacher” and “experiences equals wisdom.” I am a big advocate of experiential learning because it evokes more than just the cognitive functions of the right brain. Learning from experience most often incorporates the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. It imprints the knowledge into our whole being. This, in turn, helps to eliminate doubt. Here is an example of experiential learning. If someone tells you they love you only in words but never touches you and is emotionally unavailable; you would always wonder if there was truth in their words. However, if someone loves you in words, actions and allows for intimacy, there is little doubt about their love for you. Our experiences trigger the subconscious to generate thoughts, beliefs, ways of being, and behavior patterns. All of which can either lead us to Truth or false truth.
How can we determine when our experiences lead us away from our Truth? Hold it up to love. If what we experience is rooted in love, then we know the real Truth. If the experience is rooted in manipulation, anger, revenge, dominance, abuse, control, or any other non-loving behavior, it can lead to a false truth. Often, we are not even aware of how these kinds of experiences play out in our lives because we have bought into beliefs based on our experiences. Personally, as a young child, an adolescent, and a young adult, I had experiences where disagreeing with authority figures was looked down upon, and being a “good girl” got my attention. Therefore, I created a subconscious belief based on these experiences. I had to keep quiet and be good to be worthy of love. My experiences taught me to be a people pleaser. I sure wasn’t walking in my Divine Truth by playing small and pleasing.
All of us have had many experiences that have control over our lives. When we were young, we didn’t have the awareness to hold our experiences up to love. We looked upon every experience as absolute truth and identified ourselves with them. These subconscious limiting beliefs run our lives until we bring awareness to them and heal them. How do you know what needs to be healed in your subconscious? It is easy, look at what is making you uncomfortable in your life right now. Is it a person who is getting on your last nerve or who is pushing your buttons? Look for the unease and discord in your life. The people, situations, pain, and suffering are there to bring awareness to what needs healing. For me, people all around me started taking advantage of me and pressing my buttons. On the surface, they appeared mean, but they were doing God’s work on the spiritual level. They were pushing me out of my comfort zone and into my power. Interestingly, when I started standing up for myself and stopped letting others determine my worth, those kinds of people and situations no longer were in my space. I had finally begun healing a 35-year limiting subconscious belief.
Unfortunately, no one goes unscathed. Our parents did the best they could do with the knowledge they had. They, too, were operating and parenting out of their subconscious programs. We also helped create the false identity of our subconscious because of a lack of awareness. We all have many limiting programs that need to be healed to put the false identity aside, so our true nature can shine. When we have the courage to do the inner work to expose and heal them, they no longer control our lives. As we heal, love based experiences reconnect us to the One Truth deep within ourselves. These experiences of love awaken, expand and lift us up into the hands of Love where doubt is eliminated, and peace and joy remain.

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