Jesus’s Time Is At Hand

The world is an uncertain place. It is easy to be swayed by belief systems that place blame or instill fear. I know this is a time of tremendous opportunity. Humanity is being called to look toward a higher power with a new perspective and new faith. This new perspective is not about religion or belief. Rather it’s Jesus’s time and our opportunity to move from belief to experience of Him through an intimate personal relationship. Humanity has been lazy in spirit and has given our power away to authorities such as religion, churches, politics, technology, medicine, and other modalities. We are now experiencing the fall of the world’s authority structures. This fall is making way for the one and only authority to become the center of our lives. Below is a message that poured out in the wee hours of the morning. It gave me a higher perspective of Jesus and why the pursuit of Him is so important. This is the purpose of the season we are in on all the earth.

I am in you, and you are in me. You were made in the image of Christ. If you deny Jesus, you deny yourself and deny your life, for He is in you! Jesus came so you and I may have freedom. It is through Christ we are freed of our darkness, our sin, of separation. He reminds us who we are and merges with us to fulfill our destinies as children of God. Yes, Jesus was a teacher, master, and savior. If He is in you and you are made in his image, the same is true of you! This is about you and me recognizing it’s our responsibility to save ourselves from our own darkness by merging with Love. Jesus is Love. You too are Love. Love yourself! Love all of yourself, the light, and the darkness. For when the light shines, the darkness can no longer remain. It’s your responsibility to light up the darkness of your soul to come into full union with Jesus, just as you were destined to do.

Righteousness is Jesus’s gift, but we can’t receive it until we are willing to look into our darkness. Righteousness then becomes a way of being instead of conscious striving. You don’t have to think about what you should or shouldn’t do. You will automatically act from your Jesus heart of Love. You won’t waste your time pursuing things that are not part of your calling. Rather your heart will lead you to those pursuits which align with your destiny to serve humanity. We often make the mistake of being selfish. We think the world revolves around us, what we want, and what makes us feel happy or satisfied. Behold that kind of you is the egotistical you! It is not about the egotistical you. However, it is about you in that you come into alignment with your true Jesus nature. Jesus reminds us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Why? Because your neighbor and every person on the face of the earth are made in the image of Christ. So not only is it about you, but it is about Jesus in each of us. Everyone is on the journey to align with Love. Some are further down the path than others, but it does not make one better than the other. Everyone is right where they are supposed to be. It is our job to seek after the God within us and recognize the God within each person extending grace to ourselves and another when we fall short of Jesus personified.

We can no longer downplay the importance of Jesus in our lives because Jesus is here now. Walking the earth as you and me. He is bringing with him the manifestation of unconditional Love, and its only vessel is you! The urgency and outpouring of the energy of Love is so great. However, if we don’t recognize the gift of Jesus and transcend through the recognition of our own divinity with a willingness to go inward to heal the darkness of our souls, our physical bodies will no longer be able to support the high frequency of Love which is pouring into us at this time to bring Love to its rightful place on the throne of God’s kingdom. We are the world, and the kingdom is at hand. Heaven on earth is here and rising from the ashes. The second coming is now, through those who can hear his voice. My sheep know my voice and heed my direction.

God says, I am raising up a new generation, but the old must fall away to make way for the new. The old ways of being, the old beliefs which no longer serve your highest good. The striving for things of this world will no longer quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger. Set your eyes on me, for I am taking you higher than you can fathom. New heights of peace, new heights of love, new heights of joy, and bliss living in my presence where no rod formed against you will stand. Where the darkness can no longer overcome your light, I am bringing you home into the fold of my loving presence, back to where you came from and where you will remain. Stay up about the Lord’s business, for I am the way the truth and the light. Set your eyes upon me, and don’t look away. My love reigns supreme and will manifest through you. You are the light of the world, a city on the hill. Let your light shine before all men so they may glorify my name in Jesus Christ.

Read 1 Peter chapter 2, Jesus is the cornerstone. Don’t make the mistake of disobeying the message you were destined for!

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