Be Free of Disease

Without ease is the root word definition for the word disease. We most often associate the word disease with a problem with the physical body. However, the disease can also show up in any area of our life. Whether it be a mental/emotional state, a relationship issue, financial problems, or an array of other ongoing issues, a constant state of unease sucks the joy out of life. Most often, when the disease shows up in our lives, our initial response is to seek out ways to alleviate the pain and suffering. Doing so is a symptomatic approach. Treating the symptoms is an ingrained belief system of the world we live in. Does it help? Yes, but only to a certain degree. The pain and suffering are managed, controlled, and suppressed. A disease is an ongoing situation where flair ups and unexpected problems can sneak in despite our best symptomatic approaches.
What if we looked at disease through a new lens? The disease is trying to get your attention in an, in your face kind of way. Disease arises when the light of the soul is getting snuffed out. It is the last-ditch effort the soul makes to awaken you to how far off track you have gotten from living in the Divine truth of who you are. Complete healing can be yours if you treat the source of your pain and suffering. All diseases arise from an unhealthy soul. I know what you are thinking; what about genetics, pollutants, and other lifestyle factors that science has proven can affect life outcomes? A healthy soul overrides any lifestyle factor. Not all people who carry genes for disease manifest the disease. Not everyone exposed to poisons is affected. Even those who make the healthiest lifestyle choices often find disease knocking on their door. As a society, we have blindly taken on a symptomatic approach to wellness. Popping pills for life, settling in dead-end jobs and relationships, working to barely get by, striving and seeking outside ourselves for healing and happiness. There is a much better way, and it is why you are here. To find the answers to all your life questions, go within. Discover and heal the source of your pain and suffering at the level of the soul.
The health of your soul is the most important. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? Matthew 16:26 Once you begin to shift your perspective to finding soul-tions to the pain and suffering you are experiencing, then complete healing can be yours. Life isn’t happening to you, but it is happening for you, to shine the light on the darkness in your soul. The darkness keeping you bound by the past. The expectations, labels, and beliefs of your conditioning. You were created as a bright light and unique expression you only possess. Shift your prayers and intentions to inner healing, then all areas of life will begin to align as your soul heals. Healing from the inside out brings you back into the remembrance of your soul-self, your true identity, so you can experience heaven on earth as you were meant to. Evolve, elevate, and be well!

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is made of all our contributors who's focus is consistent with Spiritual Springboard's mission. We are all on our own spiritual journey, still seeking and learning. We are excited to guide, teach, encourage, support, love and offer services to others who have committed to seeking spiritual awareness.

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