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Courage to Heal

A little over a year ago, I had a spiritual being visit me in a dream that I recognized as God’s voice. I heard; clearly, I was to write a book. He told me...


Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom is a gift, one we have to actively pursue. Are your thoughts, words and actions falling in line with the 4 freedoms our military and forefathers have selflessly bestowed upon us? Or, have they been the source of your enslavement?
Read on to be set free!


Just do it, follow God’s nudges

Earlier in the week, I stocked my fridge with biscuits and eggs to make breakfast sandwiches for the homeless who hang out in downtown Nashville. As the week passed, I never felt the nudge...

Is Devil Consciousness Hindering Your Life? 0

Is Devil Consciousness Hindering Your Life?

A devil consciousness binds and holds one captive. It gives your power away to evil forces. Jesus already defeated Satan. Let Jesus be the source of you faith and give Him the power. His example showed us how to deal with the devil. Follow in Jesus’s footsteps and raise your consciousness up to where God is.


God Never Says No

It’s so frustrating when you are locked out. I had often felt the same way when it seemed like my prayers were not being answered. I felt like I was locked out of heaven.When...