Will You Follow Your Inner Moses to Your Promise Land?

Who Is Moses? He is the man who leads the Israelites to the Promise Land. Your inner Moses is no different; he is trying to lead you to your own Promise Land. The Promise Land is where God resides, “the land of milk and honey,” where you are in a personal and intimate relationship with God. In the bible story in Exodus, the Israelites were journeying to a physical destination on the earth. Our inner Moses is trying to lead us to the Promise Land within. The place where you are one with God. Just as the scripture says, “I am in you, and you are in me.” Your Moses is leading you home to your truth.

The Exodus is alive today within each one of us. Just as the Israelites were oppressed and enslaved by the Egyptians’ evil forces, we too are in bondage and chained by the darkness within our souls. The shadow self-arose from our negative life experiences. These shadows are the beliefs, programs, thoughts, and ways of being which do not serve our highest good. These wounds have created a false identity. The person we became like a child and young adult to cope and survive. The person we felt we had to be to belong and be loved. This person is not in alignment with our truth. The shadow must be uprooted from our subconscious(soul) and brought to our consciousness so we can heal. The healing of the soul is our current day Exodus. There is a personal responsibility and urgency to begin the journey toward complete soul healing. Your Inner Moses, your soul, will lead you to the Promise Land. Will you follow?

As the story goes, God appears to Moses in a burning bush because he hears the crying out of His oppressed children, the Israelites. He tells Moses to go to the Pharaoh and demand he let his people go. Upon which the Pharaoh says no. When it is time for our soul to begin healing, God, in a sense, creates a fire to get our attention. This fire can have many different appearances, a stirring within, a messy situation, a breaking point, etc… More than not, the defense mechanisms we have developed to protect our shadow self throw up a big roadblock to keep us bound. We ignore the fire, the call to freedom.

God then tells Moses to go to Pharaoh, demanding his people be released or else God will send a plague upon Egypt. Moses goes to Pharaoh ten times, and ten plagues are sent upon Egypt to force the pharaoh into releasing the Israelites. Our inner Moses does the same thing to us. He keeps sending us signals. Letting us know it is time to free us from our false shadow self. These signals(plagues) come in the form of discord on the physical plane. At first, our inner Moses is gentle with us. The discord is a persistent nudge like something little stuck in your shoe. Most of us don’t take our shoes off and get to the problem, thinking it will just go away and work itself out. We ignore the nudge from Moses. Just as in the Israelites’ story, each time a plague is ignored by the Pharaoh, the next plague is heightened in intensity. So, it is with us. A little discord in our lives become more and more until we take notice. Unfortunately, most keep saying no to healing their soul, so Moses keeps sending the discord until life gets very rough. Our inner Moses knows what will drop us to our knees, throwing us into the pit, and he has no problem delivering the final blow to save the soul. The soul’s healing is the priority.

The journey into healing the soul takes courage. It is not easy because it requires us to face our inner demons and make peace with them. It requires us to let emotions come to the surface, which has been suppressed for years by emotional immaturity. It requires us to be vulnerable. It requires us to take personal responsibility for our lives as it is now and as it is to come. It requires us to release the death grip of control, surrendering our lives, and following our inner Moses to our Promise Land. Your inner Moses has been calling your forth for some time. Take one step and begin the journey back to who you are, your truth, your Promise Land, and into the hands of Love.
“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:13-14
Life or Death, the decision is yours!

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