Prepare for God’s Blessing

God often blesses us on the earthly plane. He may heal an illness, increase finances, bring forth the divine right mate or career etc… However if we are not prepared for the blessing we can not hold it. The illness returns, the money, mate, career disappear. A real blessing in disguise. Preparation takes place through soul purification by way of spiritual awareness and transformation. Whenever there is something showing up in your space that is uncomfortable, right there, God is showing you what needs to be purified. Begin to recognize that every person is a mirror reflecting back to you and stirring your subconscious, your soul, bringing awareness to ways of believing, being, thinking, speaking and habits that need transformed. As awareness comes then there is opportunity to purify. Surrender it, pray about it, let the emotions surrounding it come up, sitting with them as they move through and then watch God begin to purify your soul. As you continue to allow purification you are preparing for greater blessings, ones that you are able to hold! So today begin to look at your struggles or problems through the eyes of God’s love for you, knowing that He is preparing you for a greater blessing than you can ever imagine 🙏🏼 ones that you will be able to hold.

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