Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now?  This popular cell phone slogan is a great analogy when thinking about our connection to
God.  Have you ever wondered if God hears you and you Him?  God is kind of like a cell phone tower.  He is transmitting communication signals to us all the time.  Just like our cell phones, we have to be in range and have full bars so we can pick up the strongest signal.  Whether or not we receive God’s signal is dependent on us.  Our choices determine how many bars we have.  When we make choices that are of love for ourselves and others it is like having full bars and we hear God clearly.  When our choices are not of love then we lose bars weakening the strength of God’s signal.  A simple shift in our thoughts and actions can raise our number of bars and clear communication with God is restored.

The person who perpetually makes loveless and fear based choices moves themselves completely out God’s cell tower range.  They will not be able to pick up any signal.  It’s like being in a dead zone, therefore totally removing themselves from hearing God’s communication and direction.  However, just as you can always ring 911, you can never completely separate yourself from God no matter how far or how long you have been in a dead zone.  All it takes to brings the Voice of  God swooping back into your life is simply calling out to Jesus for help.  It is like divine 911.

Sometimes, even when we are choosing love, we find ourselves feeling isolated from God because we are not hearing him.  Many times when God is trying to raise us to a new level of spiritual growth, he allows us to be tested.  During the test the teacher is quiet.  The purpose is to see if we will still have faith and rely on Him even though we can’t hear Him.  If you pass the test you will grow exponentially closer to Him and you will hear Him with greater clarity.

God speaks to us in so many ways.  You may hear Him in through an audible voice, a dream, an intuitive nudge, another person, nature or a situation.  He is sending His signal out to us 24/7 and its our being present that allows us to hear when we have bars.  Today and everyday look at every person and every situation as a message from God and you will begin to hear Him loud and clear.

Pam Evischi


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