What Happens In A Strip Club…

My experience this past week has been one of realizing that a few strongholds from my childhood have been throwing up energetic roadblocks and showing up physically as a skipping heart. It was time to shake up my energy to create an opening for God to come in and heal the stronghold that has kept me in bondage, my fear of rejection. I then could begin living on the outside what God has been filling up my insides with, love and joy! No more holding back; instead, free to live out loud and embrace my power!

For those who have ears to hear:
How do you shake up the stagnant energy of a stronghold to create an opening? You must do something out of your comfort zone. Not just a little bit a lot out of your comfort zone. Here is what I did. I created the most uncomfortable plan for myself. First, I went into Hustler Hollywood, an adult store. There I bought myself a saucy outfit in a color I normally do not wear and what most would think is too short and tight for my age. I came home, painted my nails and toes bright red, put on more makeup than I have ever worn, styled my hair big, slipped into my new outfit, and stepped into some strappy high heels. While I was getting ready, I told my unsuspecting husband that we would be going out for the evening, and I needed him to go to the store to fill a cooler full of alcohol for us to drink. As he returned, the Uber driver pulled up to deliver us to my secret destination. My hubby was happily shocked when I took off the robe I had been wearing to hide my outfit as we stepped out of the house to climb into the awaiting car. In our 29-years of marriage, I had never dressed so sexy, and confidently claimed it.

When we arrived at the strip club, yes, I said a strip club, he was dumbfounded. You see, I have always said I would never go into a strip club. He also had heard me say in the past; I thought such places were disrespectful toward women and just plain wrong. We walked in, found a table, and broke out our drinks. At first, it was uncomfortable for us, worrying about who might see us or what people would think if they knew we were there. I then explained it was that exact reason we came. We were breaking a restricting life pattern of holding back because of a fear of rejection and what others might say. As we sat there, we did everything out of our normal behavior. We drank in excess; we visited with the strippers who sat down at our table, we watched them work the pole, work the crowd, dance and strip until every piece of their clothing lay on the stage. We stayed in the moment for 5 hours, till 3 A.M!
There are a few of you thinking what a lucky guy my husband is! However, I am sure most of you reading this, are thinking wow, what in the world? Have they lost their damn minds? Some may be passing judgment, discounting how we could claim to be followers of God, thinking we are swingers or in the least have a few loose screws. No, we haven’t lost our minds, become swingers, aren’t weirdos and all our screws are tight and intact. God has just been taking us on a different journey than what most people have experienced. The journey we are on is one less traveled because we have been willing to go. I hope that as I share the rest of the strip club story, you will begin to look at your own life, noticing the judgments, attachments to how you think things should be, and the areas where you are closed-minded. All of which are energetically restricting the expression of the God within you and blocking how He wants to work in your life.

The rest of the story:
As I sat there taking the strip club experience in, I realized I was comfortable with being there, which was surprising. Once I stepped inside, I easily discounted my old negative perceptions and beliefs surrounding strip clubs. The girls were so confident in their own skin and bodies. They inspired me to embrace and love my body finally. Being modest had been an easy excuse for hiding my body insecurities. They showed me how freeing it was to be completely exposed, messy, and that nakedness was really quite beautiful. My open-mindedness freed me of judgment and allowed me to perceive “a bad and dirty place” as a place where God was present and at work. I realized everyone there was no different from me—all with insecurities, troubles, and fears yet all having the same light of God within them. I appreciated them all. I saw artistry, creativity, and loving servitude in the dancers. I had compassion for the older lonely men and enjoyed the freedom of the uninhibited bachelor parties. Every experience and interaction had a reciprocal effect of service.
God showed me He is always present and is always doing more than we are aware. I went there intending to get out of my comfort zone, knowing God would be at work loosening up some stuck energy. However, he also allowed me to work on his behalf. One of the girls who came and sat down with us was amazing on the pole. Knowing how much strength and athleticism it took to do what she did, I complimented her. She grabbed my hand and placed it on a lump on her spine, saying, “I know this feels weird, but I have to stay on the pole because it is too painful to do much else.” As she continued to talk, I kept my hand on her back. After a few minutes, she turned to me and said, “your hand feels amazing on my back!” “you’re a healer, right?” I told her she was feeling God’s touch; He was sending her some love.

The following day, after having my stagnant energy stirred up, my friend prayed with me. She prayed for the strongholds from my youth to be removed. She listened and prayed for what I needed to be open to God’s Divine flow. The Holy Spirit came upon me like never before, shaking my entire body. I could feel it wash over me, and I knew the old stagnant energy was being released. That night I slept like a baby, and my heart returned to its normal beat. Who knew God could do so much from a first-time visit to a strip club!
Now it is up to me to share the song that God has placed in my heart. I courageously share this story (one I would have been happy to keep to myself) not for shock value but rather to shake up the rigid beliefs that hold God’s people captive. He desires us to be free from the bondage of our past, the bondage of our thoughts, the bondage of our labels, the bondage of false beliefs, all of which prevent us from authentically living and experiencing Him fully. Open up your mind and let God out of the box so that He can show you favor in all areas of your life. He is not a restrictive or condemning God. He is a God of freedom, full expression, joy, and most importantly, unconditional love. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, stir up stagnant energy, and move into a healing and intimate experience with the hands of Love.

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